Hot Cocoa: The Perfect Winter Diet Drink

It’ll keep you and your taste buds warm and cozy.

When was the last time you had some hot cocoa? Despite its reputation as a kids’ drink,

The Full Life Repair Kit says that hot cocoa is not only tasty—it’s healthy! Cocoa and chocolate are rich in antioxidant flavanols, which have beneficial effects on the blood vessels. Researchers at the University of Nottingham scanned the brains of 16 women after they drank flavanol-rich cocoa for five days, and found increased blood oxygen levels in the women’s brains. What’s more, just one high dose of flavanol-enriched cocoa increased the blood flow to the women’s grey matter. The researchers suggest that cocoa flavanols could be used to maintain cardiovascular health, and perhaps even treat vascular impairment in dementia and strokes.

When Dutch researchers studied the diets and health of 470 older men for 15 years, they found that higher cocoa intake was associated with lower blood pressure and a whopping 50 per cent drop in risk of dying from heart disease.

Try: Ghirardelli cocoa, hot water and a small amount of sugar. The cocoa has only 15 calories per tablespoon and 8% of your daily need for iron. It’s the perfect drink for women who need more iron. Try it today instead of a cup of coffee or tea.
Other hot cocoa mixes are great too, but this cocoa has only one ingredient, pure cocoa, making it very low in calories.

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