9 Hot Drinks for Cold Days

Curl up with one of these on a cold night.

The perfect antidote to a cold winter day can be brewed right in your kitchen. Whether it’s chocolate, caffeine or a fruity taste that you crave, try filling your mug with one of these satisfying drinks — what a yummy way to wait for spring!

For days when you need a chocolate fix, try:

Fluffy Hot Chocolate
Melted marshmallows combined with cocoa and milk create a delicious velvety froth.

Special Hot Chocolate Treats
Homemade whipped-cream-filled chocolate cups dropped into a mug of hot chocolate make for a unique, comforting treat.

For a fruity mix, have a taste of:

Hot Cran-Apple Cider
Citrus fruits, cranberry juice, and cloves elevate the taste of ordinary apple cider.
Hot Mulled Pineapple Drink
Pineapple juice combined with a variety of spices packs a unique punch.

And for times when you need a caffeine boost, try:

Creamy Chai
This tea that traditionally hails from India is milky and gently spiced.

Mocha Morning Drink
There’s no need to go out to a café when you can make this scrumptious drink at home!

Spice Coffee
Add some zing to your coffee by brewing it in a slow cooker with chocolate syrup and a hint of anise.

Butterscotch Coffee
Just five ingredients are all you need to serve up this sweet concoction.

Hot Ginger Coffee
Perk up your usual coffee blend with ginger, orange zest, and cinnamon.

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