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It’s the dream of every globetrotter to stay in a five-star hotel; any hotel that’s been awarded five out of five stars represents the pinnacle of the hospitality industry. Well, unless you take into account that a single hotel just received eight separate five-star ratings in a single assessment, more than any other resort. Then, you have a clear winner.

Forbes released its yearly Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating list at the end of February 2019. To determine the ratings, Forbes’ team of inspectors stays no fewer than two nights at each property and judges it on up to 900 separate criteria before awarding it stars. According to the Forbes Travel Guide site, five-star winners are “outstanding, often iconic properties with virtually flawless service and amazing facilities.” And for the third year in a row, a single hotel earned eight separate five-star ratings—Wynn Macau, a sleek, luxurious resort in the Macau region of China. See how it compares with TripAdvisor’s choices for the best hotel chains in the world.

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The eight categories in which Wynn Macau earned five stars are its main Wynn Tower; its luxurious, all-suite “Encore Tower“; the spa; Encore Tower’s spa; and its four fine dining restaurants, each one unique and showcasing a different culture and cuisine. Wynn CEO Matt Maddox credits his company’s big win to its thousands of dedicated staffers. “Their commitment to excellence and ability to anticipate every need is what creates the singular five-star experience that only Wynn provides,” he said in a Wynn press release.

The Wynn name as a whole also won big. Between its three properties, Wynn Resorts received a whopping 19 five-star ratings in total. This puts Wynn Resorts ahead of every other independent hotel company in the world. And this also means that, if China is a little far away for you, you can still experience Wynn’s unrivaled luxury right within the United States; Wynn’s Las Vegas property raked in five of the five-star ratings. The remaining six went to Wynn Palace, Wynn’s second luxury resort in Macau that’s located on the opposite side of the city’s Outer Harbour from Wynn Macau. You can also get an incredible hotel experience while staying stateside at the best hotel in every state.

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