Just In Case You’re Wondering, This Is How Astronauts Wash Their Hair in Space

You know, in case you ever want to take a trip to space.

This-is-How-Astronauts-Wash-Their-Hair-in-Space-via-nasa.govvia nasa.govWith gravity on our side, we take our daily activities like driving, eating, and washing our hair for granted. (Can you guess which seven foods are banned from space?) Now imagine trying to do all of that with zero gravity. Expedition 36 astronaut Karen Nyberg of NASA shows us exactly how in this quick three-minute video of her washing her hair.

First, you’ll need a warm bag of water, no-rinse shampoo, a towel, and a comb. Then, you’ll squirt the warm water onto your scalp. Try to keep as much water in your hair as possible (some water will float away) and work it toward the ends.

After that, grab your no-rinse shampoo and repeat the same process as with the water. Squirt it onto your scalp and work it toward the ends. Using a comb and towel is useful here, as you can brush out knots and a towel helps to remove excess dirt.

Follow this step with squirting some more water onto your scalp and work it toward the ends of your hair. Despite the “no-rinse” aspect of the shampoo, some more water never hurts and your hair will feel cleaner afterward.

Finish up your wash by combing through your hair one more time.

Once you’re done, Nyberg advises to leave your hair free (as opposed to being in a hair-tie) so it dries. When the water in your hair evaporates, it will become humidity, which the AC system will collect. Upon the collection of humidity, condensation will occur. Then, the water processing system will turn the water that was in your hair into drinking water.

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