How to (Almost) Live Like a Multi-Millionaire

Take a cue from these athletes’ incredible homes to create an oasis of relaxation and fun in your own humble abode.


Take a cue from these athletes’ incredible homes to create an oasis of relaxation and fun in your own humble abode.

Game room

Let’s face reality, you’d hardly have time to enjoy a personalized game room like the Yankees’ Mark Texiera has in his home (image left courtesy of, let alone the funds to build one. However, if you think about your favorite game—pool, ping pong, foosball—and save for one great piece, you can create your own fun room. Even if you just love a good game of Monopoly, setting aside a place for family fun is worth it. Check out for ideas.

His and her bath

In his former $1.1 million home, football great Terrell Owens had his and hers bathrooms in the master suite. You may not be able to afford two separate bathrooms, but you could outfit your current one with his and hers bathrobes and towel sets. A double sink also helps in the fight for mirror space.

Training room

Tennis star sisters Serena and Venus Williams have a 4,000 square foot training facility in the home that they share. While you may be able to fit your entire home inside their training facility, a designated place to workout will help keep you on track.

Wine cellar

Tiger Woods is just one of many celebrities who have custom-built wine cellars to house their collections of fine wines. Instead of taking out a second mortgage to finance your own cellar, check out the wine-related products from a dealer like Wine Enthusiast. From small wine refrigerators and glassware all the way up to custom-build rooms and inventory scanning equipment, the site has something for every oenophile.


Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer’s $2.1 million Cincinnati home includes a solarium. Check out Four Seasons Sunroom and Windows to see if you can convert a part of your home into a beautiful sunroom. You can also upgrade windows to let more light in.

Covered outdoor dining area

Retired tennis player Anna Kournikova’s $9.4 million Miami Beach home makes use of its outdoor space with a covered dining area. You have many options for an oasis of your own, check out these affordable options from Sears.

Music system

Your music setup may never rival the one in LeBron James’ $11.9 million Miami-area bay front mansion. However, you have many options when syncing up the music in your home, from simple solutions like iTunes combined with Apple’s AirPort Express to advanced multi-room systems, such as one from Harman/Kardon.

Movie theater

An elaborate home theater is a must for most celebs. Want your own? Invest in a large flat-screen TV and a surround sound system. Put your lights on a dimmer and set up comfy chairs. Check out for other useful ideas, like black out drapes.

Infinity pool

Most likely you’ll never be the owner of an infinity pool like the one Adrien Beltre has at his $19.8 million Southern California home. However, you could install a hot tub on your patio and watch the stars every night. Hot tubs are an investment, but far more affordable than custom-built pools. Check out what is offered by Jacuzzi.

Find out what other amazing amenities these celebrity athletes include in their dream homes in Coolest Homes of Athletes.


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