How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

How to attract butterflies to your garden.

1. Plant flowers that have the type of nectar butterflies love, such as butterfly bush, verbena, sedum, zinnias, Mexican sunflower, and lantana.

Attracting Butterflies
Butterflies love the sun and enjoy resting on large, warm, flat stones.

2. Butterflies are sun lovers. (They can’t fly when temperatures dip below 50°F.) They like to warm themselves on large flat stones that get morning sun.

3. Don’t use pesticides. Chemicals that kill harmful insects will also kill the insects you want to attract.

4. Keep the site sheltered. High winds damage the gossamer wings of butterflies. Tall shrubs provide a windbreak and shelter for other wildlife as well.

5. A butterfly house makes a lovely accent. Be sure to place them in sunny spots near flower beds and sheltering shrubs or bushes.

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