How to Choose Radish Varieties

Finally, a guide to what radishes are best for what recipes.

There are a variety of radishes available to grow in your vegetable garden. Use summer radishes to add color and bite to salads. In winter, radishes can be cooked to enliven soups and stews.

Summer radishes

Globe or round ‘Sparkler 3’, with a white tip, ‘Scarlet Globe’, ‘Cherry Belle’ and ‘Juliette F1’ are reliable heavy croppers and will add a little decorative zest to summer salads.

Know the difference between summer and winter radishes and enjoy them even more!

Intermediate ‘Flamboyant Sabina’ and ‘Fluo F1’ are dependable intermediate varieties. If you want a pure white-skinned radish, grow the intermediate ‘White Icicle’.

Winter radishes

Winter radishes are usually long, but the Asian radish ‘Mantanghong F1’, with its magenta flesh and ‘Black Spanish Round’, with black skin are round. ‘Mino Early’ has long white succulent roots that make a tasty addition to winter salads, soups and stews. Sow all these in summer for a winter harvest.

If you are looking for strong flavor, try ‘Rosa 2’. For length and flavor, grow the Japanese radish ‘April Cross F1’. It has a crunchy texture and mild flavor and can be left in the ground until you are ready to harvest. It is also known as mooli radish.

Whichever type of radish you choose to grow, make sure to give them the proper care so they can flourish.

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