How to Choose Tomatoes Based on Your Taste

Use our guide to determine what type of tomato to use in your next meal.

If you like…

…Something Easy, go for the small fruited, container tomatoes.


  • Crimson Fancy F1: A reliable producer, even for inexperienced growers
  • Green Sausage: A bush tomato with yellow stripes and a green flesh which grows well in a container
  • Ildi: A very prolific cherry tomato that produces large trusses of yellow oval or pear-shaped fruit

…Stuffed tomatoes, go for large-fruited varieties.


  • Striped Stuffer: A tomato best grown under glass, with stripes on its skin. It is good for stuffing.
  • Brandywine: A large-fruited, beefsteak-type with good flavor
  • Marmande and Super-Marmande: Early heirloom varieties with very large fruits
  • Super Marzano F1: A giant, disease-resistant pear-shaped fruit

…Something different, try growing the lesser-known and more unusually colored or shaped “heirloom” varieties.


  • Polish Linguisa: An old heirloom variety dating from the 1800s, which produces unusual-shaped, large, sweet fruits
  • Super Sweet 100 F1: One of the cherry tomatoes that produces red or yellow, sometimes pear-shaped, fruit
  • Black Russian: An heirloom variety with a dark skin and a good-flavored flesh
  • Roma:   An elongated plum tomato, ideal for making tomato sauces and pizzas
  • Gardener’s Delight: A late variety with small, very tasty fruits

Pairing Tomatoes with Meat, try varieties with lots of juice.


  • Big Boy F1: A large, smooth, blemish-free beefsteak-type fruit with thick meaty flesh
  • Dombito: A tasty beefsteak tomato

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