How to Create Your Own Landscape Design

You can learn how to use the same programs the professionals use.

Many professional landscapers use specialized computer software to help their clients visualize exactly how their new landscape will look – and to tweak the design until it is just right. You can get the same results by buying your own program – or you can try this cheap, low-tech way to visualize the outlines of paths, beds and walls.

Buy some brightly colored clothes line or similar lightweight, highly visible rope. Lay this along the outline of the paths and beds you are planning. Now you can check the way your new layout will look from different vantage points – from the house, patio, street or any other suitable viewpoint. It helps to have a partner who can adjust the position of the lines as you make suggestions. When you are happy with the layout you have created, use some water-soluble marking spray (available at some DIY stores or garden centers) or emulsion paint, to mark the lines. Place dots every half-meter along the lines, a couple of centimeters inside the planned path or bed. Double-check the position from your different viewing points, then paint a solid line. This is where you will start to dig and bring your landscaping design into reality.

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