How to De-Clutter Your Bathroom

No one wants a crowded shower.

Towel basket. If you have an empty corner in the bathroom, fill it with a large basket loaded with rolled towels. Not only is this arrangement pretty and convenient, it frees up lots of space in the linen closet.

Separate but equal. If several people use the same bathroom, assign each individual his or her own vanity drawer. This will keep clutter down and encourage everyone to be responsible for replacing his or her own possessions.

Overhead storage. Increase bathroom space easily with over-the-toilet shelving. Inexpensive units made of wood, wicker, plastic, or steel are perfect for holding towels and grooming products.

All hung up. Many grooming gadgets, such as electric shavers and hair dryers, have hooks for hanging. To free up drawer space yet keep the bathroom organized, install a rack made from a wood backing strip and cup hooks. Then hang up the appliances.

Store bathroom items in vinyl shoe pouches, wirecoated baskets, and shower caddies mounted directly on the bathroom wall instead of in the shower.

A paper trail. Buy a roll of paper towels or toilet paper in a color you don’t use and place it at the back of a cabinet. If that roll shows up in the bathroom or kitchen, it’s time to stock up.

Bag bath toys. If small children and adults share the same bathroom, store bathroom toys in a mesh bag with a drawstring. Hook the string of the bag over the shower head, and the water from the toys will drip right down the drain.

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