This Simple Trick Will De-Pill Your Clothes In Less Than a Minute

Don’t throw away your old sweaters just yet.

01-De-pill-clothes_260293070Master-L/ShutterstockIt’s always a sad day when you have to retire your favorite sweater because the fabric just doesn’t look fresh anymore. It’s started to pill up under the arms and get fuzzy around the shoulders. But don’t dump it in the trash just yet! If you have a cheap disposable razor lying around, you can easily bring your sweater back to life in less than a minute. (This is why clothes shrink in the wash and how you can prevent it.)

Simply lay your sweater on a flat surface, pull the fabric taut, and run the razor over your clothing. And just like that the pilling will lift right off. Be especially careful with the razor around seams, buttons, stitching, and thin fabric. The blade could easily cut through the sweater in those spots or cause the stitching to come undone. (Try these random items to tailor your clothes. No sewing required.)

There’s no need to spend money on a de-piller or sit there picking off each individual ball of fabric. You can just use a cheap razor that’s been lying around or run out to the store and pick one up. Now you can rock your go-to sweater many more times before you have to say bye.

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