You’ve Been Draining Pasta Wrong Your Whole Life

This kitchen hack makes cooking pasta easier than ever.

youve-been-straining-pasta-wrong-your-whole-life-538774270-Kanyapak-LimKanyapak Lim/ShutterstockPasta is the perfect quick-and-easy meal. Just boil some water, throw in your noodles, toss ’em in sauce, and you’re good to go. Simple and delicious. The perfect meal. (Find out why it’s OK if your kids only eat pasta.) But there’s one trick that could make your easy go-to pasta dish even easier to make.

Really, the only annoying part of cooking pasta is straining it. First you have to finagle your colander into the sink, then pray you don’t scald yourself with boiling water as you awkwardly dump the pot in. Once manage that, you need to dump the pasta right back into where it came from. Seems like a waste of steps.

Luckily, there’s an easier way. Twitter user @Daibella shows how you can seriously streamline your straining.

That’s right—Your noodles never even need to leave the pot when you drain pasta. (But there is a scientific reason you should salt your water first.) Once your noodles are cooked, put your colander right into the pot instead of emptying the pasta into the strainer. Hold the colander in place while you pour out the water and viola! Water-free pasta without all the fuss of dumping it back and forth. Don’t miss these other 25 life-changing cooking hacks.

Of course, this kitchen hack won’t work for every home cook. You’d need to have the right size colander to fit it into your pot and still get a good grip. It isn’t one-size-fits-all, so get a feel for how they fit before you start cooking. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite time saver. Either way, find out how you’ve been using another pasta-making utensil wrong.

[Source: Bustle]

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