How to Eat a 5-Pound Burger in 30 Minutes or Less

How do those professional eaters do it? Find out!

On the popular show Man v. Food, host Adam Richman can handle eating his way through almost anything. A 10-lb. super-stuffed pizza? Easy. A 27-oz. steak? No problem. Watching him devour bite after massive bite, I can’t help but wonder: How does he do it?

Finally, some insight: Martha De Lacey of the Daily Mail and two other British journalists were coached by Richman on how to eat a gut-busting, five-pound burger called “The Embalmer,” plus a side of french fries, in 30 minutes. His first tip to eating this beast: press down on the burger to flatten it out as much as possible, then cut into wedges like a pie. A sensible start to a daunting mission.

To get more of Richman’s tips and tricks, read or watch De Lacey’s account. Gluttons, get ready to take notes:

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