How to Grow Apples for Every Season

When growing apples in your garden, make sure to choose your varieties carefully so you will be able to grow and eat apples all year.

Late summer

What to Grow: “Beauty of Bath” (old variety), “Discovery” (some frost resistance), “Irish Peach” (old variety), “Petit Pippin”

Early autumn

What to Grow: “Greensleeves” (self-fertile and good pollinator), “James Grieve” (old variety and excellent cropper that grows well in northern regions), “Laxton’s Fortune” (old variety), “Katy”

Late autumn

What to Grow: “Egremont Russet” (old variety that is self-fertile), “Lord Lambourne” (self-fertile and reliable heavy cropper), “Meridian,” “Sunset” (similar to “Cox’s Orange Pippin,” but more disease-resistant)

Early winter

What to Grow: “Blenheim Orange” (old variety that is good as a cooker and eater), “Crispin,” “Gala,” “Spartan”

Late winter

What to Grow: “Golden Delicious” (old variety, may be biennial), “Kent,” “Pixie,” “Winston” (self-fertile)


What to Grow: “Red Pippin” (juicy, Cox-like flavor), “Granny Smith” (old variety), “Josephine,” “May Queen” (old variety)

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest