How to Grow Kumquats

This hard to find fruit can be your new staple.

Kumquats produce clusters of small orange fruit. “Nagami” has oval fruit, while “Marumi” has rounded fruit. For year-round decorations, look for a variegated form, which has cream and green striped leaves.

This pretty fruit tree will grow in a large pot (at least 15 inches across) for many years. Just remember to fertilize it each month through the growing season (spring to early autumn) with a handful of citrus food and from time to time, add a little well-rotted manure mixed with organic mulch, such as surface mulch. Repot the kumquat when the soil levels slump or if the plant appears to be stressed. In very hot weather, potted kumquats may need daily watering.

Train a standard kumquat by selecting a kumquat with a main stem and removing any side growth. The top of the plant can be clipped into a ball. You can underplant kumquats with herbs or mini mondo grass.

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