How to Initiate a Break Up Without Feeling Awkward

Want to part ways but can’t find the words? Here are a few tips on how to initiate a friendly break up that work in all kinds of relationships.

Need to part ways but can’t find the words? In a post on amicable break ups, Woman’s Day shares smart strategies for snipping ties that work in all kinds of relationships.  Here are some of the best tips on how to initiate a friendly break up:

Break up with your annoying coworker. If you’re still bombarded with questions 8-months into your new coworker’s tenure and feel stuck for a way out, there’s a couple of things to try. First, challenge her to complete tasks herself. WD says if she’s asking for yet another tutorial on how to load the copier, kindly tell her to locate the manual. If that doesn’t do it, make her questions work for you: each time you assist her, tack on a task that benefits you. For example,  explain how to load the paper and ask her if she minds making copies for you. WD says if the questions she’s posing are authentic then at least get something in return for answering them. Keep it up and cross your fingers she’ll find someone with fewer requests to solicit help from. (Once it’s over, make sure you never do these things to try to get over a breakup.)

Break up with your masseuse. WD consulted psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina, PhD who says you shouldn’t feel bad about this kind of breakup, even if you want to keep visiting the same salon or spa. Her tip? Wait a couple of weeks before calling to schedule an appointment with someone new. Relationships of this nature are usually short-lived, so don’t sweat it.

Break up with toxic relatives. When someone in the family acts out of line, initiate an “adult time out.” Dr. Tessina tells WD that to do this correctly you simply need to grow distant – politely. When you’re up against behavior that offends you, don’t joke or show emotion. Just distance yourself.  When consistently practiced, an “adult time out” should help the offending relative realize you will not tolerate their behavior.

Read “End Any Relationship Amicably,” at and find out how to break up with your workout partner, your kid’s best friend’s mom, and others who are too close for comfort.


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Originally Published in Reader's Digest