The Simple Way to Make Sure You Never Sneeze at the Wrong Time Again

So you can keep your handkerchief clean.

sneezeleungchopanSixty-six percent of the time, a sneeze response is secular. You’re walking through your local artisanal spice shop and draw just a bit too many notes of fresh paprika, and suddenly you send spice particulates flying all over the place. An aisle over you hear “God bless you,” behind you a “salud” (translation: health) and the stock boy at the front refrains with “gesundheit” (translation: health).

All eyes on you, covered in the purest Hungarian paprika. If only there was a way to avoid this entire debacle, a way to turn back the hands of time to an era before the oregano explosion. If only there was a way to stop that sneeze in its tracks.

According to Lifehacker, there is. As soon as you hear a sneeze coming on, take your tongue and firmly press it against the roof of your mouth. The motion will overload your brain’s benign sensory input, and cease your schnoz soot.  Your synapses have been shut up. Everyone may sneeze differently, but this trick should work across the board.

This may help you in the moment, but if you’re looking to deal with your large scale allergies, you might need a bigger overhaul. And remember, spring isn’t the only time that your sinuses are shot full of allergens—fall allergies are very much a thing, and you might just be unknowingly making them worse

[Source: Lifehacker]

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