How to Take a Staycation

With rising travel prices and lack of vacation time at many jobs, planning the perfect getaway can seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth.

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With rising travel prices and lack of vacation time at many jobs, planning the perfect getaway can seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. Instead of spending all of that time, energy, and money on a vacation to a faraway place, try staying home, or close to home, and give yourself a much needed staycation.  The perfect staycation isn’t just another day off; it’s a way to set your body and mind into total relaxation mode.  There’s no need to stress about doing extra housework or tackling those home improvement projects – that’s too much work! Staycationing is vacationing, and with these simple tips you’ll come “back” from your staycation rested and rejuvenated.

Unplug your alarm

Turn-off your alarm and let yourself sleep as late as you like. Like vacationing, staycations don’t require you to clock-in.  Go to bed when you’d like and wake up when you’d like – remember a good vacation has no set routine.

Play tourist

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, surely you haven’t done everything there is to do. Check out the latest gallery opening, grab tickets to a matinee, hop on a tour bus, or tour your local historical centers. You’ll see your city from a whole new perspective.

Turn off your phone

Pretend that you’re half a world away with little access to your phone. Leave a voicemail that states that you’re on vacation and will only be checking messages periodically. Infrequent checks of your phone and using it for emergencies only will keep you focused on your main goal – relaxation.

Don’t check emails

Set an out of office reply or a vacation message on your work and personal email accounts and don’t peek until you “return” from your vacation.

Don’t tackle your to-dos

It’s easy to think that you’re time spent at home can be used to reorganize, clean, and do a few home improvements; but a vacation is no time to do extra work. If you were on an actual vacation would you feel upset that your floors at home weren’t being scrubbed? No way. Let things around the house stay as they are.

Order in

Hate to cook? Then don’t do it. It’s rare that you would be cooking your own food if you were out of town, so enjoy the benefits of ordering in or grabbing your favorite take-out. Added bonus: less dishes to clean up.

TV/Movie marathon

If you’ve been too busy lately to catch-up on the latest television series or movies, grab DVDs or go through your DVR list. Missing a few classics on your movie list? Take the opportunity to see some of the great movies of all time, all from the comfort of your own home.

Nap, frequently

The best part of vacationing is taking the time to truly relax with an afternoon snooze. Pull the shades down, put on some soothing music and spend your afternoon basking in the luxury of nothing to do. Enjoy a hot bath beforehand to truly get your muscles relaxed for a peaceful slumber.

No guests

Let everyone know that you’re on vacation and that, though you love their company, you’re not available. If you get bored, call them up.  But keeping a strict “no guests” policy will keep you from entertaining, which can add stress to the stress-free zone that you’ve created.

Go out to dinner

Just like ordering in, dress up and go out to dinner. With all of the money you’ve saved by not going out of town, you’ll be more likely to splurge on the chef’s special or the market priced lobster. Truly enjoy your night and explore the fine dining in your area.

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