How to Tell if Your Child Has Allergies

See if your little one has allergies by paying attention to these signs.

Kids tend to catch colds no matter the time of year, so it’s sometimes hard to tell if a runny nose is a case of the sniffles or a seasonal allergic reaction. But there are some telltale signs of allergies parents should watch for. If many of your answers to the questions below are “yes,” your child may be suffering from allergies.

•Colds usually clear up in 10 days or so. Allergies don’t. Has your child’s nose been running for weeks?

•Does your child constantly play with her nose, wiggling, wiping, or pushing it up?

•Is the mucus coming from her nose clear and thin rather than thick and greenish?

•Does your child sneeze a lot?

•Are your child’s eyes red, itchy, or watery?

•Does the skin under your child’s eyes look dark or purplish-blue?

•Does your child usually breathe through her mouth?

•Does your child have a dry cough?

•Does your child have an itchy red skin rash?

If you believe your child is suffering from allergies, consult your pediatrician for appropriate treatment before administering any medication. These are the best pets for children with allergies. 

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