A Husband’s Tragic Death Leaves His Wife With an Unforgettable Sign

Do you believe in signs? This wife's experience may just convince you.

a-husbands-tragic-death-leaves-this-wife-unforgettable-sign-US160945A-Kagan-Mcleod-FBIllustration by Kagan Mcleod

My husband had passed tragically and unexpectedly the night before. I returned home the next morning with my sister-in-law, my emotional support. We sat in the upstairs loft, sharing stories about a man who’d left us too young.

I glanced out the window and noticed a woodpecker on the roof. It appeared to be watching us.

A member of a species rarely seen here, the bird sat for almost 20 minutes as we reminisced. I affectionately named it after my late husband. It has been five years since he passed, and a woodpecker continues to appear at my weakest moments.

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