This Ornery Pig Didn’t Like Anyone Until One Unlikely Creature Was Determined to Be Her Friend

All of our animals were scared of our pig, but our tabby cat was determined to become friends with her.

We live on a farm with five dogs, three cats, two horses, and Precious, an indoor mini pig. All of our herd are leery of cantankerous Precious. Even Maggie, our Great Pyrenees, yields her right of way and will vacate a nap spot if Precious gives her “the look.” Even the horses run when she comes near, despite the “Precious proof” fence separating them. This may have led Previous to think she is invincible.

However, our tabby Miss Priss is a bold cat who has also always thought of herself as invincible. She has always been very outgoing and has a bond with every human and animal on the farm. She’s always been curious about Precious and will run to the backdoor when she sees Precious go outside, trotting over to her and rubbing against her while Precious goes about her business. I would warn Precious to be nice, which rarely works—she is Precious!

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pig and cat pet palsCourtesy Tif Saucier

Miss Priss was determined to bond with Precious, and to our surprise, Precious has allowed the friendship. To our even greater surprise, Precious doesn’t threaten Miss Priss and will reach out her snout in greeting while Miss Priss rubs her head against her and purrs. Precious will go about grazing while Miss Priss rubs lays beside her and even bats at her jowls. The first few times it happened we were still and quiet, wanting to see where the relationship journeyed. Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to seeing them together. When I look outside to check on Precious, I know if I can see Miss Priss, Precious can’t be far.

One day our daughter commented on how healthy Precious looked (she tends to get a little chunky) acknowledging how much clearance there was between her belly and the ground. Next thing we see is Miss Priss’ paw shoot out from the other side of Precious, swiping under her belly like a house cat would under a door. You would’ve sworn she heard our observation.

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