Insulting Quotes: 9 Vintage Whines That Get Better With Age

Insults tend to be the cherry on top of a grievance. To quote Alice Roosevelt Longworth, "If you have nothing nice to say about someone, sit right next to me." She'd have loved these...

1. Billy Wilder

vintage_whinesReader's Digest

2. Forrest Tucker

vintage_whines2Reader's Digest

3. Mae West

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These vintage Frank Sinatra photos will bring you back to days gone by.

4. Oscar Wilde

vintage_whines4Reader's Digest

5. Winston Churchill

vintage_whines5Reader's Digest

6. Paul Keating

vintage_whines6Reader's Digest

7. Julian Rubinstein

vintage_whines7Reader's Digest

8. Groucho Marx

vintage_whines8Reader's Digest

9. Mark Twain

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 What’s your favorite time-tested zinger?

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