This Common Battery-Saving iPhone Hack Actually Hurts Your Charge

Your whole iPhone-owning life has been a lie.

phoneGeorgejmclittle/ShutterstockHacks come and go.  If you’re having issues with battery life, use all but one of these 10 secrets.

All but one, you say? That’s right. As it turns out, closing out background apps on your iPhone actually does nothing for preserving your battery life, according to Business Insider.

The myth has been circulating for several years and works as well as the microwave-quick charge hack (actually, scratch that — clearing apps doesn’t cause your phone to burst into flames, but still!).  

Kyle Richter, a former Apple Technician and current CEO of MartianCraft, dove deep into the myth to explain why it might actually be harmful to your iPhone’s battery life.

“The very process of quitting an app will use up a measurable amount of battery life. There are times when the device may need those resources and it will quit the app on your behalf, which will drain the battery in the same fashion,” Richter writes.

Considering the fact that well over a billion iPhones have been sold since the device was first released in June of 2007, this may be one of the single biggest cell phone related mistakes made in human history.

Well, besides the Galaxy Note 7. And the Windows Phone. And the Ngage.

But besides that. Definitely this.