You’ll Want to Steal This Simple Japanese Secret for Extra Fluffy Pancakes

All you need is one or two surprising ingredients—and you can find them in your kitchen right now.

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There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned pancake breakfast to ease you into the weekend. But while pancakes may seem like the perfect a.m. staple, it’s surprisingly easy to muck them up. Leave them on the pan too long or use the wrong heat, and suddenly the social media-worthy meal you imagined has turned into a crispy, flat flapjack. (Learn the other ways you’re probably making pancakes wrong.)

The secret to airier, fluffier pancakes? First of all, forget everything you thought you knew about American-style pancakes. It takes more than flour, sugar, eggs, and milk to achieve pancake perfection. And toss the boxed mix, too; not only is it loaded with fattening oils, but it also contains plenty of other unpronounceable (and unrecognizable!) ingredients.

In reality, starting from scratch—literally—is the real key to cooking the spongey pancake of your dreams. This delicious, Japanese pancake trick has been making the rounds on Twitter, and you’ll never believe the ingredients that make these fluffy flapjacks possible. You won’t regret these unusual (yet delicious!) pancake mix-ins, either.

Roughly translated, the tweet instructs you to mix one egg, 2/3 cup of carbonated water, and two tablespoons of mayonnaise together in a pot. Then, add about 2/3 cup of flour, stirring lightly. Cook the mix for about three minutes over low heat, flip it, and cook for about two more minutes on the other side. Add a bigger bang to your breakfast with even more easy ways to make your pancakes more delicious.

Seems simple enough, right? In the end, you’ll have a thick, fluffy pancake with a slight tart flavor. Feel free to go above and beyond the plain old butter and syrup toppings, too; we recommend additions like fruit, nuts, and chocolate. And once you get this recipe down, learn the perfect way to scramble your eggs. Bon appétit!

[Source: Food52]

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