An Airline Just Gave a Baby Born on One of Its Flights Free Tickets for Life

Finding a good deal on a flight can be tough unless you happen to be an infant born mid-flight.

BabyYaoinlove /Shutterstock Timing is everything when it comes to booking a flight. Although there is one day of the week that’s been shown to be the best one to buy your flight, most of the time, fast action will do the trick. As soon as you get that low price alert from Kayak, Hopper, or Google Flights, you zoom to your computer and book. 

But one little person has put every would-be traveler to shame with his booking timing. During a Jet Airways flight from Dammam, Saudi Arabia, to Kochi, India, Cicymol Jose gave birth to a baby boy. The delivery took place at 35,000 feet, and although he was delivered premature, he was in “good” condition when he arrived at the hospital after the flight. Shortly after landing, Jet Airways announced some more good news: the baby would clear for takeoff for the rest of his life

Although a Boeing 737 isn’t exactly the ideal delivery room, Mini Wilson, a nurse who was on the flight, and the crew performed admirably. (This isn’t the first time a baby has been delivered mid-flight.)  The flight detoured to Mumbai, where Cicymol, her husband, and their newborn were taken to Holy Spirit Hospital. 

No word if the kid will be able to earn travel rewards points on each flight.

[Source: AOL]

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