If You Know How to Make a Good Cocktail, This Company Might Send You to Nine Cities Around the World

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You may have been around the world, and you may not speak the language. But that doesn’t matter. If you’re qualified, Grant’s Whisky might just send you through a globe-trotting vetting process to find out if you’re the company’s newest “Global Brand Ambassador.”

Grant’s Whisky is a family-run whisky company based in Scotland and has just thrown all your negative notions about job interviews out the window. Their interview process for the new position starts off pretty standard, with the company accepting applications featuring a video of you making a signature cocktail with their product. If your cinematic concoction is deemed worthy, you move on to the second round.

Now here’s where it starts getting interesting. Nineteen candidates will be selected for the second round of interviews, which will consist of a trip to Grant’s flagship distillery in Scotland. There, the candidates will compete with each other in a string of different challenges, and then the field will be reduced to three finalists. (Word of advice: Make sure to never, ever say these words during a job interview.)

And for the final round, the remaining candidates will be sent to three cities in countries all over the world, from Colombia to India, Poland to Taiwan, just to name a few. The trio then battle it out at each location, tasked with designing events for the company, specific to each country. The candidate who designs the events most representative of each respective country wins.

Oliver Dickson, Grant’s Global Brand Director, had this to say to wrap up the hiring press release:

“In today’s society, lots of people seek more flexibility and adventure from their work than a 9 to 5 day in an office. This job offers travel, freedom, independence and a good salary too! We wanted an interview process to match the exciting and challenging nature of the role.”

Excuse us, while we look up FedEx Office locations in Scotland. We need to make sure our resumes are on that nice stationary. Before you send in your own application, make sure you avoid making these resume mistakes.

If you don’t happen to make it past the first round of hiring, you can always settle for working in the U.K. After all, the royal family is hiring.

[Source: Men’s Health]

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