Use This Travel Site’s “Magic 8-Ball” Function to Score an Awesome Vacation

And you've scored a vacation to... "Outlook not so good?"

For many people, planning a vacation can be a lot of work. By the time you get your work schedule and flights all in order, you might feel like you need a vacation from your vacation. Ultimately, getting things done in advance can do wonders for your peace of mind once you get to Kokomo.

But sometimes, spontaneity might just be the rub. You get notified by Carol from HR that you have to use up your vacation days by the end of the month, and suddenly you’re forced into an adventure. You might feel a bit under the gun about your impromptu getaway, but there’s no need to be. With the help of Kayak’s “Magic 8-Ball” feature, you can spin the proverbial vacation roulette wheel and score a pretty great deal on a spontaneous getaway.

The feature is accessible through Kayak’s smartphone app and is activated when you shake your phone. After rattling your phone around for a few seconds, a prompt will appear on your screening proposing that you “Take a chance” with three options: “Do not ask again,” “Not now,” and “Spin the Globe.” (The prompts may vary depending on your smartphone and operating system.)  At the center of the screen sits a globe standing in for Bob Barker and his Big Wheel.

Sam Benson Smith

Once you “spin,” you’ll be presented with the flight info for a potential vacation. The feature abides by a general set of rules: The flights tend to be around $500 or less, the trips will include a maximum of one layover, and the flight duration will tend to be less than six hours. The purpose of the feature is for impromptu weekend getaways, so a quick jaunt over to Yangon, Myanmar won’t really be in the cards. 

Naturally, the flights will be a bit pricier than if you booked months in advance. But for a feature which requires a literal flick of the wrist, the results aren’t bad at all. The Magic 8-Ball won’t give you a $99 flight to Europe, but it certainly provides a bit more consistency than throwing darts at a map. Just make sure that if you’re flying internationally, you allow for a little bit extra time for the newest set of TSA security measures. 

[Source: Lifehacker]

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