This Man Left His Credit Card Number to Pay for a Food Pantry Order—Without Knowing the Cost

Who's to say angels don't walk on this earth?

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Our congregation, Springhill Baptist Church, started a food pantry ministry to help out members of the community. As part of that ministry, we buy the food that will be distributed and build boxes for distribution. We do this on the second Monday of every month.

As my friend Mandy and I were loading our grocery carts with the necessary items during a trip to the store, a gentleman asked us what we were doing.

We gave him some details about our ministry and then explained we were doing our monthly grocery shopping. He said that was great and went on about his business.

After we finished gathering everything on our list, we started unloading the food in the checkout aisle. When I went to run my credit card, the cashier informed me that our bill had already been paid.

The gentleman who asked about our mission had left his credit card number to pay for our order and then walked off. He had no idea what the cost was before he left. The total came to over $800.

We were shocked and amazed at the generosity of a stranger. It shows us that there are wonderful angels all around us; we just don’t always see them.

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