Last-Second Santa: 3 Great Gift Subscriptions

These modern subscription services can improve your lifestyle.

A sample of some of the goodies from Bespoke Post boxes of awesome.
A sample of some of the goodies from Bespoke Post boxes of awesome.

I suffer from CLMSS. Chronic Last Minute Shopping Syndrome. Have you heard of it? Perhaps you’re familiar.  I’ve pored over my co-workers posts about gift giving and emerged with an arsenal of awesome tech gifts, quirky presents and foodie finds. But there are still a few people on my list that I haven’t crossed off. Late last night, inspiration struck, and I thought “If getting a gift once a year is such a fun treat, imagine how fun it would be to look forward to something every month?” But wine of the month club? Beer of the month? Pfffft.

Instead, I’ll be going with these creative offerings that I discovered in my late night travels across every nook and cranny of the web.

A #BoxOfAwesome from Bespoke Post. ($45)

Every month, the mysterious masterminds at Bespoke Post create a themed box for the GQ-reading homme who doesn’t have enough time to forage for his perfect trove of male-related objects. Members are invited to order a box (or you can opt out if it’s not your thing) that includes everything a man doesn’t know he wants and ships it off to him. This month, it’s the Agave box, which not only gives every budding mixologist all the tools he needs to perfect his skills, but also the instructions he needs to pull it off. Or, for more Lambrusco-Leaning lads, order him the Breathe box, which comes with a decanting flask, aeration funnel and everything he’ll need for that night of wining and dining.

 The Splendid Spoon Soup Revival.  ($50-$75)

What better way to detox from holiday food and beverage overload than to spoon up some scrumptious soups? Only $50 for two days worth of  tantalizingly aromatic gourmet soups in farm-fresh, locally sourced variations (Yes,the ingredient lists tell you what nearby farm your brussel sprouts or kale hail from) or $75 for a bi-monthly delivery. The satisfying pints ‘o joy are currently only available for delivery in the New York City area, but watch for updates.

A shipment of goodies from Birchbox ($10-$20).

Perfect for the friend who always has everything (and three months before anyone), for a mere $10 a month, Birchbox will send an array of fun samples from brands like Benefit, Cargo, NARS and more. Birchbox Man also comes to the rescue for the sophisticated male with a carefully crafted box of grooming and lifestyle products, $20 a month. This long list of the best subscription services is sure to satisfy the needs of each of your friends!

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