The Surprising Perk of Having a Library Card You Never Knew About

Don't be a kook, read a book.

smirart/ShutterstockA bespectacled singing aardvark once said: “enjoying yourself isn’t difficult as long as you have a means to access your local library.” Or something along those, lines.  Libraries can prove to provide plenty of perks, providing access to thousands of magazines and television shows, affording communities easy Internet access, and opening their doors for events like movie screenings and author meet and greets. 

But for those wanting to avoid lugging around physical copies of their favorite titles, libraries can still be your go-to, according to Wired. Many libraries have modernized with the times, ending the problems that go along with only having a certain number of copies of a physical book on the shelf with the help of OverDrive, a service which provides access to millions of e-books and audiobooks.  

Once you get your library card, head over to OverDrive’s site and use your card’s credentials to log in. Now you have access to OverDrive’s entire database and you can select your book of choice and have it sent to your e-reader. The service is still structured like a library, so you’ll have access to the books for only a certain length of time (rights and licensing are still a thing, even digitally!). Late fees will be a thing of the past, however, because once you hit your return time, the book will disappear from your device.

Even if you don’t have access to an e-reader, OverDrive can be accessed through a web browser, so the books are still readily at your fingertips.

[Source: Wired

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