This Amazing Feature on Your iPhone Could Save Your Life One Day

If you give iPhones a thumbs down, you might swallow your words after seeing what this incredible feature can do.

Leszek-Kobusinski/ShutterstockThink iPhones are a waste of time and attention? You might want to think again. Thanks to this one amazing iPhone feature, your phone could become vital in a life-or-death emergency (and quite possibly save your life).

Julia Thompson, a nurse, has seen many cases where the medical staff struggle to treat an unresponsive patient because they don’t have their medical history or contacts. She could not emphasize enough just how important it is for doctors and nurses to be able to access that data on people’s phones.

“Working in a public hospital and seeing patients in ER all the time, I see many patients come in and we have had no way of knowing who they are, or how to contact their next of kin, or their medical history! And their phones are locked!” she wrote on Facebook. And the Internet seemed to agree; since then, her post has been shared over 160,000 times.

Message received, loud and clear! Thankfully, making your medical info accessible on your phone is quick and easy. What’s more, you don’t have to pay—or even download!—this iPhone feature, because it’s already on your iPhone, free of charge. You’ll find it in the Health app, located on the bottom right-hand corner. Click on “Medical ID,” select “Edit,” and then follow the instructions to fill out your emergency information.

Before you tap “Done,” though, make sure you select the option “Show when Locked.” Activating this life-saving feature will make a small icon visible on the bottom left-hand corner of your lock screen. That way, in an emergency, first responders and medical staff can access your health info with the click of a button—no password needed. And to be extra prepared, make sure to check out these life-saving survival skills you just might need one day.