This Adorable Little Girl Thought This Bride Was a Princess, and Her Reaction Is Precious

One little girl's fairy tale came true when she mistook a bride for the princess in her favorite book. The photos will warm your heart!

04-This-Little-Girl-Thought-This-Bride-Was-a-Princess,-and-Her-Reaction-is-Precious-Courtesy-stephanie-cristalli-photographyCourtesy Stephanie Cristalli PhotographySure, we all get a little starstruck when we meet our heroes. That’s why we can totally relate to this two-year-old girl who spotted her favorite “princess” in her neighborhood. The look on her face says it all: She is complete in awe of this beautiful bride!

05-This-Little-Girl-Thought-This-Bride-Was-a-Princess,-and-Her-Reaction-is-Precious-Courtesy-stephanie-cristalli-photographyCourtesy Stephanie Cristalli PhotographyWhile the toddler and her mom walked around their Seattle neighborhood, she spotted the newlywed, Shandace Robertson—with her husband, Scott Robertson—taking photos after their wedding ceremony, Scott told BuzzFeed News.

“This young mother and her young child happened to be walking by, and my wife and this little girl caught each others’ gaze, smiled, and started interacting,” he said. “My wife loves kids, so she saw this cute little girl, and this cute little girl saw my beautiful wife.”

According to the toddler’s mother, her daughter believed Shandace was the princess on the cover of her favorite book, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. It’s actually her mom’s book, but the two-year-old had been enthralled with the woman on the cover for days.

02-This-Little-Girl-Thought-This-Bride-Was-a-Princess,-and-Her-Reaction-is-Precious-Courtesy-stephanie-cristalli-photographyCourtesy Stephanie Cristalli Photography“I like old dead British writers, so I have a lot of them, and she just loves the cover. So naturally, we carried it around with us for a week on end,” her mom said.

When the pair crossed paths with Shandace that day, the little girl gasped.

“She showed me the book and was like, ‘Look, there she is!’” her mom said.

What followed next was utterly heartwarming. As Shandace approached the pair, the toddler stared at her, eyes lit up, with a smile of complete adoration on her face.

01-This-Little-Girl-Thought-This-Bride-Was-a-Princess,-and-Her-Reaction-is-Precious-Courtesy-stephanie-cristalli-photographyCourtesy Stephanie Cristalli Photography“The little girl was holding a book,” Shandace said. “The mom said, ‘She thinks you’re the lady in the white dress.’”

03-This-Little-Girl-Thought-This-Bride-Was-a-Princess,-and-Her-Reaction-is-Precious-Courtesy-stephanie-cristalli-photographyCourtesy Stephanie Cristalli PhotographySo Shandace happily played along, chatting with her little fan and giving the girl a rose from her bouquet. Meanwhile, the Robertson’s wedding photographer, Stephanie Cristalli, snapped photos of the entire interaction from nearby.

Even months later, the little girl still believes she met the “Princess of Ballard,” her mom said. But not only did the day turn into a treasured memory for the toddler; Shandace and Scott agree that they will never forget it.

“It was a really special moment,” Scott said. “It was the cherry on top of the perfect day.”

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