This One Secret Will Make You Instantly More Photogenic

Trust us, you’ll never have to untag yourself in group photos again!

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

Bad photos happen to the best of us. We log onto social media for a brief mid-afternoon breather, only to find a dozen or so unflattering pictures of ourselves filling up our timeline. Thanks a lot, friends. We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon cringing as we untag ourselves again and again (and cross our fingers that nobody else sees them).

Thankfully, none of us are alone in that regard. But how to avoid this terrible social media taboo? Just nab a posing tip straight from celebrities who always manage to look flawless in photos. While their makeup team obviously gives them a boost—and you can try these makeup tricks to look AMAZING in photographs, too!—there’s also a subtle way to make yourself look instantly more photo-worthy. All you have to do is tilt your head slightly to your best side and lower your chin.

“The tilt works because it’s subtle,” according to PureWow. “The angling softens any unflattering shadows and brings out your jawline so your face looks slimmer overall.” (Think you look puffy? These one-second tricks will make you look instantly slimmer in photos.)

Plus, science says you may even want to rethink your “good side.” According to a study at Wake Forest University, most people express more emotion on the left side of their face. So just turn, tilt, and smile! But just DON’T say cheese—and here’s why.

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