After a Trucker Lost Her Beloved Cat, a Stranger Stepped in with a Promise to Reunite Them

Truck driver Sharon Griffin was heartbroken when she lost her beloved cat at a rest stop. But a stranger who heard her story three weeks later changed everything.

catOlesya Nakipova/ShutterstockAs a trucker, Sharon Griffin was used to traveling long distances across the United States all by herself. But she decided that she wanted a travel companion and began bringing along her adorable gray cat named Freddy. Griffin and Freddy have been on many adventures together and visited several states, from Arkansas to California. Those adventures were nearly over when Freddy accidentally got out of the truck at a rest stop in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Griffin recalls returning to her truck at the rest stop and finding Freddy gone. “I looked everywhere, all over the parking lot,” she told WTKR News 3. Unfortunately, she knew she had to move on to stay on schedule, which meant leaving Freddy behind. “Oh, it was horrible,” she said. “It was just horrible, because he’s my baby!”

But Griffin wasn’t ready to give up just yet. She and her daughter continued doing everything they could think of to try to get Freddy back, including reaching out on social media.  Finally, in early June, Griffin received a Facebook message from Jimmy Frost, a worker for Cat Rescue. A former truck driver himself, Frost felt a personal connection to the story and promised Griffin that he would find Freddy. “I never had any doubt that I’d find him,” Frost said. “I don’t know where that feeling came from.”

Frost made his way to the rest stop in the middle of the night. After searching for an hour, he finally caught a glimpse of Griffin’s four-legged escapee, who luckily hadn’t gone far. “I was just so amazed that he found him!” Griffin gushed. Learn about another trucker’s best friend that was lost and found.

Griffin, who was in Ohio at the time, drove back to Virginia to pick Freddy up. Her dispatcher was even nice enough to rearrange her delivery schedule, allowing her to get her beloved furry friend back as soon as possible. The two were reunited on Friday, June 9, nearly three weeks after Freddy disappeared, and now they’re ready to get back on the road together.


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