This Father of Four Just Dropped 200 Pounds in 14 Months

Now, THAT is what you call dedication.

William Guinn Jr.

In the Army, the weight requirements vary depending on your age and height. For example, for a 6-foot male who is 25 years old, the minimum weight allowed is 136 pounds, and the maximum is 189 pounds.

Serving in the military puts an incredible strain on your body, but for William Guinn Jr., the greatest physical feat came before he ever put on combat fatigues.

The father of four from Abilene, Texas, had always wanted to join the army since he was a kid, but his weight stood in the way. In February of 2016, he resolved that he would drop the 200 plus pounds necessary so that he could achieve his dream. 

It wouldn’t be easy; Guinn weighed 456 pounds and would need to entirely overhaul his lifestyle choices if he had any hope of dropping to his goal weight. He started seeing a nutritionist and going to the gym six times a week. Sure enough, he started to see the numbers on the scale start to tick down. (Don’t miss these 13 other jaw-dropping weight transformations.)

After 14 months of hard work, he had done it. In a post on Facebook, he reflected on the 211-pound transformation, thanked all those who supported him and shared a message reflective of the determination he showed in spades.

“I[‘m] now [at] 244 [pounds] and [am] feeling great….It can be done…I will graduate from basic and M.I.T and start my career. I do see a change.”’

Source: Men’s Health 

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