Can You Solve the Easy Math Problem Stumping the Internet?

Your calculator watch won't help much here

Maybe math was your strong suit in school, maybe it wasn’t. (If it was, and you decided to major in it in college, you probably ended up doing pretty well for yourself.) Maybe you just didn’t care how long it took a for a train to get from San Luis Obispo to Anaheim going 30 miles per hour while you started with 12 oranges but had to give your friend three. Regardless of your mathematician status, however, you can probably figure out this simple problem below.

Feel free to use scratch paper, although it probably won’t do too much good. Maybe make a hat out of it? Your time starts now.

If you couldn’t figure out a numerical problem, don’t sweat it. The mistake isn’t in the numbers, but in the writing (and, for that matter, the spacing). It’s unclear what “Mitsake” is, but it sounds delicious.

Craving some more brain busters? Maybe try and figure out how this scuba diver ended up in a burnt forest. Or maybe take a look see for the snake in this photo or this photo. And if you make it through all of those, we have an eye challenge that will really Testudines your patience. Because you have to find a turtle in this picture. And turtles are in biological classification Testudines.

We checked, it’s funny.

[Source: Mental Floss]

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