This Is What McDonald’s Workers Really Get Paid

Updated: Jul. 16, 2021

Yes, there is another reason to love McDonald's beyond their fries and nuggets.

Silvia Ruiz prepares a specialty sandwich at a McDonald's restaurant in Chicago. The company that helped define fast food is making supersized efforts to reverse its fading popularity and catch up to a landscape that has evolved around it. McDonald's is still trying to shake its image for serving junk food and has made a high-profile pledge to offer healthier optionsAP/REX/Shutterstock

There is so much to love about McDonald’s. And while most of those things are food items, the fast food chain is also great for paying their workers fairly—with added perks to boot.

According to Glassdoor, the average crew member salary at McDonald’s is $9 per hour, with a range of $7 to $13; that’s compared to the national average fast food crew member salary of $8.33 per hour. McDonald’s cashiers, on the other hand, take home an average $8 per hour, with a range of $7 to $15. And Business Insider reports McDonald’s is one of the highest paying fast food chains in the United States. Find out the 17 things McDonald’s employees won’t tell you.

Working for the Golden Arches has additional benefits, too. For instance, employees are eligible for the Archways to Opportunity education program after 90 days on the job. This program includes things like scholarships, English Language courses, and a management course taught at Hamburger University. (Yes, that is the real name!)

McDonald’s employees on Glassdoor say they would recommend working there as a first job, mainly because it is easy to learn and allows you to meet new people. On top of the solid reviews, McDonald’s has recently made big changes such as including paid vacation days for employees with one year under their belt.

If you’re looking to put your wages from McDonald’s (or elsewhere) towards a Big Mac, you might want to steer clear of the most expensive McDonald’s in the world. Next, check out the healthiest menu items at McDonald’s so you can spend your money wisely.