After 47 Years of Marriage, This Couple Still Shares McDonald’s for Every Anniversary

It’s love with a side of fries.

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I met Sharon at church in September 1962, when she was 12 and I was 17. I didn’t ask her out until April 22, 1965, when she was 14 and a half and I was 18. Our date started at church, and afterward we went to the McDonald’s in Granite City to share some french fries. Since this was before ketchup packets and dispensers, we purchased a dunk cup for 3 cents. We sat, talked, and fed each other french fries.

I joined the Air Force in October 1965, and we started writing letters. She was still a baby in my mind. It wasn’t until I came home in December 1966 that I realized that that baby had grown up and matured into the woman I wanted to marry. Letters and feelings of love blossomed, and we were engaged in 1967.

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On April 22, 2016, like every year before it, you’ll find us at McDonald’s with our traditional order of french fries. We now bring a small bowl from home that resembles our original dunk cup. Sharon and I still feed each other french fries as we talk of all the happenings of bygone years. We will have been married 47 years this coming September. I’m soon to be 70, and my wife is soon to be 65 years young.

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