This Is Meghan Markle’s Guilty Pleasure Food

When asked what her guilty pleasure food was, the Duchess of Sussex didn’t even hesitate.

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There are many things we love about Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. She’s a huge foodie (her official wedding menu attested to that), a strong advocate for causes close to her heart, and the brand-new wife of the lovely Prince Harry. When it comes to her nutrition, the duchess likes to follow a strict diet during the week, which is surprisingly easy to follow. But on her weekends, she likes to have a little fun. And if fun involves French fries, Meghan is totally in.

Meghan loves carbs!

In an interview with Best Health Canada, Meghan talked through how she tries to stay healthy throughout the week. Yet when the interviewer asked what her “kryptonite” food was, she immediately admitted that French fries are her go-to guilty pleasure.

“I could eat French fries all day long,” she said. “And I love pasta. I love carbs—who doesn’t love a carbohydrate?”

Meghan, we feel you.

She keeps it balanced

Meghan’s philosophy on keeping a balanced diet makes perfect sense to us: Keep it clean during the week and leave the fun stuff for the weekend. Especially if that means we can indulge a large plate of our favorite crispy French fries on the weekend.

“It’s all about balance,” Meghan said. “Because I work out the way I do, I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle eating.”

Meghan also feels this way about one of our favorite guilty pleasures: wine. “Of course I’m going to have that glass of wine—it’s delicious and I enjoy it,” she said. “Do the things you enjoy within reason. Know your body and what works for you and you’ll be fine.” It’s a good thing that a particular diet isn’t one of the 13 royal rules Meghan Markle now has to follow.

We’re inspired

Meghan’s balanced way of living is inspiring, and it makes sense! Eating healthy during the week is easy with one of these healthy dinner recipes ready in 30 minutes. And of course, indulging on these fried chicken strips or maybe even some chocolate cake with that glass of wine. Weekend or weekday, you can always indulge in these 13 foods Queen Elizabeth eats every day.

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