Meghan Markle’s Skin-Care Routine Is Surprisingly Easy to Follow

Now, you too can have princess-perfect skin like Meghan Markle.

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The Duchess of Sussex always looks vibrant, glowy, and blemish-free whether she’s at a black tie event or just traveled halfway around the globe. And while you might believe her skin-care routine is a complex thing, her beauty regime is just as easy to follow as her diet. We got the dish straight from Sarah Champman, London’s most sought after facialist, who has exclusively looked after Meghan’s skin-care since she moved to the United Kingdom. Sarah spills her tips for achieving a picture-perfect complexion at home.

Work it out

At the Saraph Chapman clinic, her “Signature Bespoke Facial” reigns supreme. This, her most popular treatment, is completely personalized for clients like Meghan Markle (and a laundry list of other celebs like Victoria and David Beckham), but what all the appointments have in common is Chapman’s award-winning ‘gymnastics’ face massage techniques. During these appointments, the Duchess of Sussex’s face is massaged using light but firm pressure.

“My number one tip for giving an instant glow back to the skin is facial massage,” Chapman says. “Not only do the movements help to stimulate lymphatic drainage on puffy complexions, promoting a healthier-functioning dermis for improved cellular activity and better-looking skin, but massaging your skincare products deeper into the skin will also help to boost their performance,” she concludes. She suggests using your knuckles and fingertips for an at-home facial experience that mimics her clinical, signature “gymnastics” techniques. You can also use her Facialift massage tool, designed to recreate Sarah’s lifting, firming, and rejuvenating movements effortlessly, or any of the best face massage tools like ice globes.

Incredibly easy to recreate, this skin workout will have you looking like royalty in no time. Check out Meghan’s own stunning transformation since moving to the United Kingdom.

Three additional steps to princess-worthy skin

Chapman also advocates for a three-step process of cleansing and applying serum and moisturizer in addition to massaging. “Thorough cleansing can turn people’s skin around,” says Chapman. “Spending a few minutes each day really working with your cleanser to create a clean and fresh canvas will not only improve the look of your skin but also its function.” Even if life gets hectic and you find yourself in a huge rush, Sarah says “cleansing is absolutely non-negotiable!”

As for the serum, your choice should be tailored to your specific skin concern, Chapman suggests. Use one of the best serums for every skin type. “The essential final step is a moisturizer to lock in hydration and create healthier functioning skin,” Chapman says. Start by determining the best moisturizer for your skin type.

It’s not just Meghan Markle’s skin-care regimen that’s easy-to-follow, it’s her head-to-toe regimen, which includes these 13 products under $20.

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