This Couple Met At The Doctor’s Office—But They Didn’t Realize It Until They Were Married

Fate has a funny way of bringing people together—and breaking their collarbones.

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In 1945, when I was seven, I was running down a steep hill behind a relative’s house, when suddenly I was going head over heels straight into a sheep pen! I broke my collarbone. Since you didn’t go to the ER in those days, I went to see Dr. Steele.

While I waited in great pain, a short woman dragged in a little boy and screamed, “He’s got a bean up his nose!” He got treated first before I could get my collarbone set.

Eight years later, I was working and waited on this nice-looking young man, Kenny. We began dating and married three years later.

As Kenny and I swapped stories, he said that when he was nine, he’d sucked a bean up his nose. The bean began to swell, and his mom rushed him to Dr. Steele to have it removed! I laughed, saying I’d been in Dr. Steele’s office that day too.

Also, in 1959, we took over Kenny’s dad’s farm. It was at the bottom of the steep hill! I looked at that hill every day for 34 years—a reminder of how I met my love.

To this doctor’s immigrant patients, America means freedom from fear. 

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Originally Published in Reminisce