This Mom Turns Her Husband’s Old Shirts into Adorable Outfits for Her Daughters

One Utah mom is taking the upcycle trend to a whole new level.

Believe it or not, one mom’s viral hobby started with a simple shirt.

One day last spring, Stephanie Miller caught her husband as he was throwing away a shirt she’d bought him last Christmas.

“I was frustrated at him for wanting to get rid of something so new, but it had shrunk,” Miller told HuffPost. “I kept it and a few of his other shirts in hopes of making something out of them.” (Find out why your clothes shrink in the wash and how to avoid it.)

A few hours later, she emerged with a little blue gingham dress. It was instantly a hit with her daughter, who insisted on wearing it for days and sleeping in it, too.

Now, that dress has sparked a social media storm—and elevated this crafty mom to Internet fame. Miller shares before-and-after photos of her designs on her Instagram, all of which use her husband’s old shirts.

“The part that’s really fun for me is the limitation of only using the shirt to make the outfits work,” Miller told TODAY Style.

Plus, her dresses might not actually be as hard to make as they look, since Miller reuses the hems and buttons already on the shirts. As for total crafting time? One dress takes about two hours, Miller says. (You can also knock out these cute crafts in just an afternoon.)

But this hobby is more than just a budget and eco-friendly pastime. When Miller gave birth to her first child nearly six years ago, she put aside her passion for painting and dove right into the hectic life of motherhood. It turned out to be a tough transition.

“My whole life was changing,” Miller said. “So to stop painting… it felt like a loss of identity.”

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But with help from her husband (who surprised her with a $50 sewing machine from Walmart) and craft donations from friends and neighbors, Miller found a new outlet for her creativity. She’s self-taught via YouTube videos and has made everything from stuffed animals and clothes from patterns. Still, these unique designs take the cake.

“I think its important for parents to have an outlet, and to be creative in their own life… and to have things that interest you outside of your own children,” Miller said. “Our kids are so important, but we also need to take care of ourselves sometimes.”

Talk about #momgoals. Catch more of Miller’s designs below, and don’t miss the best advice for moms of all ages.

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