Money-Saving Kitchen and Cooking Tips

Did you know you can make omelets fluffier with club soda? Here are more creative shortcuts every culinary expert should know.

18 Fast Fixes for Kitchen Problems

The secret to opening a stuck jar … and other quick fixes!

20+ Ways to Get Grungy Pots and Pans Shining

Say good riddance to grease and grime with these cleaning tricks.

7 Cake Baking Tips

Make cake baking as easy as pie!

Cleaning Kitchen Cutting Boards

Clever solutions for cleaning and disinfecting your cutting boards.

Dirty Barbecue Grill Rack

Fixes for getting your grill barbecue-ready in no time.

Dirty, Smelly Refrigerator: 9 Simple Fixes

Give your kitchen’s most popular appliance a makeover with these cleaning ideas.

Easy Ways to Ripen Fruit

Get fruit ripe and ready with these 2 tricks.

Freshen Up the Trash Can

Freshen your pail, freshen the room!

Get Rid of Grease Stains

Grease stain got you growling? Here are ways to make greasy goofs disappear.

Keep Fruit From Browning

A trick for a beautiful fruit salad or platter — every time.

Put a Stop to Ant Problems

Give pesky ants the boot — without stepping on them.

Tips for a Sparkling Sink

Get your sink as clean as the dishes it helps you to wash.

Tips for a Spotless Oven

Make cleaning your oven less of a chore with these simple solutions.

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