Montana’s Museum of the Plains Indian

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Museum of the Plains Indian, Montana
In this display, clothing of the people of the 11 tribes of the northern plains ranges from the everyday to the ceremonial.

On Rte. 2 in Browning, Montana

Managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, this museum contains a superb collection of costumes, accessories, and dioramas that detail the lifestyles of 11 tribes of the northern plains before the arrival of white settlers in the 1800s.

Weapons, beadwork, ceremonial objects, toys, and other crafts are shown. The associated craft center also displays contemporary Native American work. Carved wood panels by the Blackfoot sculptor John Clarke can be enjoyed, as well as murals by artist Victor Pepion. During the summer there is a display of painted tepees.

Open daily June–Sept.; Mon.–Fri. Oct.–May. Admission charged. _plains.html

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