This Is the Most Dangerous Highway in America

Let’s hope this highway isn’t on your morning commute to work.

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For most drivers, nothing gets their blood pressure rising more than rush hour traffic. Sound familiar? We don’t blame you—especially knowing how much money it costs you to sit in traffic. But if you think your morning commute is absolutely insane, this new list might make you think twice.

Teletrac Navman, a GPS software company, just revealed the 25 most dangerous highways in the U.S. And we have some bad news for people who live in Florida and Texas: Your states have it the worst.

The most dangerous? Florida’s Interstate 4. The highway may be just 132 miles long—connecting the cities of Tampa, Orlando, and Daytona—but 165 traffic fatalities took place on it between 2011 and 2015. Most of the fatalities were due to car accidents and overturns, according to the findings. Thank goodness it doesn’t have this insanely complicated overpass, at least.

The Lone Star State’s Interstate 45 came in close second, with 290 fatalities on 285 miles of highway. And that’s not the only Texan highway that made the list; half of the top 10 most dangerous highways are in Texas, Teletrac Navman reports.

Of course, proper driving etiquette is important—no matter where you live. So the next time you get behind the wheel, be careful out there.

[Source: Newser]

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