This Is The Most Dog-Friendly State in America

With so many dog-friendly restaurants, shelters, and parks—and great walkable weather—no wonder this state's cities keep topping the lists.

two small dogs playing together outdoorsotsphoto/Shutterstock

Let’s face it, we doting pet parents will do almost anything to make our babies happy. We go all out bringing them the best food, treats, and toys. But would you move across the country if it were in your pups’ best interest?

New analysis from found that some cities rank as more dog-friendly than others, with Long Beach, California topping their list. In Long Beach, you’ll find 985 dog training centers, 445 kennels, 754 vets, 71 parks, and 259 grooming salons—making it an excellent location for pups who enjoy pampering. And that’s just one in a slew of research, surveys, and data emerging that point to “Golden State” cities.

Rankings from Yelp, Rover, and SmartAsset all gave California cities a callout, with San Diego most commonly making the lists. Honorable mentions include San Francisco, West Hollywood, and Sacramento. California cities do have great walkable weather, perfect for an active dog, but weather was just one reason the state is so dog-friendly. San Diego also boasts some of the most dog-friendly restaurants and shelters, while San Francisco has almost too many dog parks to count, according to WalletHub.

Dogs definitely appreciate an active routine, so being able to accompanying you on fun trips to outdoor restaurants and parks certainly could make them very happy. But if a move is not in your future, not to worry; here are 19 more important things your dog actually wants from you.

Emily DiNuzzo
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