This Airline Has the Most Expensive Food of Any European Carrier

Trust us, you're better off eating before you board.


No one enjoys eating on an airplane. Even though we now know why airline food tastes so bad, it doesn’t improve the experience. At best, we tolerate the baggies of stale pretzels and over-salted peanuts. At worst, we let our tummies rumble until we land. Sure, the view beats any restaurant on the ground by several thousand miles, but the culinary quality apparently gets left on the runway during takeoff.

Generally, the food served on airplanes is only lambasted for its flavor (except for the one drink that actually tastes better on airplanes). However, for a certain airline, it could also be criticized for its price point, according to data from Cheapflights.

The most expensive meal out of any European carrier is served on Icelandair, which charges $17.60 for a meal consisting of a sandwich ($7.26), a glass of wine, a hot drink, and a bag of chips (not bad!). However, the cost disparity from the most expensive to least expensive meal on a European airline isn’t all that much; Eurowings charges $14.40 for their average meal. 

Icelandair flies out of quite a few major cities in the United States, including Denver, New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston. Just make sure you pack $17.60—and, of course, the 11 things you should always pack in your carry-on

[Source: Business Insider]