This Will Be the Most Expensive Day to Travel in All of 2017

Hint: You're going to want to stay home for Independence Day this year.

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The cost of airfare really is the most important factor in staying on budget for your next getaway. And you can keep the cost down, as long as you avoid traveling around the Fourth of July.

This year, the most expensive day to fly is July 9, according to The average price of airfare for that day is $481, which is about $100 more than the average price of airfare for every other day in the summer.

In general, Sundays are very expensive days to fly because it’s a popular travel day for both business and personal trips. Business people travel on Sundays to get to a conference or back to work on Monday and like to arrive the night before. And people on vacation like to come back Sunday evening to get the most out of their time off. Your return flight home is a great time to catch up on sleep. These tips will help you get some quality rest while in the air.

This particular Sunday in 2017 is even more expensive because it is the Sunday after the Fourth of July, which falls on a Wednesday this year. People want to get the most out of their holiday weekend and will travel from Wednesday to Sunday; making the airfare on the ninth extremely high.

If you’re looking to save more money while getting in your summer getaway, KAYAK reported that Saturday, June 3 is the best day to score a cheap ticket if you’re traveling within the U.S. For international flights, it’s best to book a departure date of Wednesday, August 23. Don’t forget to be strategic about when you chose the day to buy your plane tickets as well, Tuesday is no longer the best day to buy.

Jeff Klee, the CEO of, shared other positive news with ABC. “At the moment, 2017 summer fares are tracking slightly cheaper than they were last year at this time, about $20 less per ticket,” he said. But make sure to book your trips now, as summer gets closer, the prices will continue to rise.


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