The Most Expensive House in the World Is for Sale

This place is ginormous!

What would you do with $410 million? Buy a hat? Invest in some high-yield bonds to keep your portfolio diverse? Buy another hat? Believe it or not, your money can be spent somewhere besides the stock market or a haberdashery. If you’re looking to use every penny of a recently acquired fortune, look no further than the most expensive house in the world, which is now for sale. (Did you know that you can also buy the house from Charlotte’s Web? Believe it.)

Villa Les Cèdres is the 35-acre property in the south of France, which has taken the title of most expensive house in the world. Its current owner is Italian distiller Davide Campari (yes, that Campari), but it once was the home to King Leopold II of Belgium, according to Bloomberg. It’s located on Saint-Cap-Ferrat, an exclusive peninsula just a stone’s throw from downtown Nice and a thirty-minute drive from Monaco.

The 18,000 square-foot home has 14 bedrooms, 25 greenhouses, an extensive grove of olive trees, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Its library is well stocked and contains at least one book valued at over $100,000. If you have the extra $0.4 billion lying around, it seems like a solid deal. Or, you could just buy 41 million $10 mansions.

[Source:  Mental Floss]

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