This Is the Most Frequently Googled Question About Sex

"Is sex really neat?" did not make the rankings.

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Google provides what Jeeves only dreamed of. The tech behemoth has grown to be so much more than a search engine since its birth in 1998, but never at the cost of its primary function and its precious algorithm. Google can tell you how to do pretty much anything (these are the most common “how-tos” queries on Google), and naturally, humans are curious about a whole lot more than how to properly peel a banana.

Yep, people have steamy thoughts too, and they turn to Google to answer the questions they’re too embarrassed to bring up in conversation. Naturally, sex has its mysteries and seemingly inexplicable facts (like which age group has the least satisfying sex), which could explain why the top questions are so varied. But what is the single most common sexual question that Google gets exactly?

According to research by Durex, as reported by the Daily Mail, that question is: “Where is the G-spot?” closely followed in search traffic by “How to make a woman orgasm.” Good news for women, who now have concrete evidence that their partners are simultaneously clueless yet caring enough to make some sort of effort to change, if only with the help of the interwebs. Check out the rest of the top 5 below, and head to Daily Mail for the full top 10. 

  1. Where is the G-spot?
  2. How to make a woman orgasm
  3. Can you get rid of herpes?
  4. How to get rid of genital warts
  5. What is the clap?

There you have it, a look into the everyman/everywoman’s sexy search mind. (But how long does sex last for the average couple?)

[Source: Daily Mail]